Shivangini, M.Sc., Agricultural Economics
Dr. Subuhi Nishad, NSS Programme Officer and Sports Officer
Dronak kumar sahu, Ph.D., Agricultural Economics
Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyala, Raipur

As we know pandemic is affected our and whole worlds economy, Self Help Groups are also affected. In India most of the people lives in villages , Self Help Groups are sources of income of rural women’s. This study is based on the study about different self help groups and their production & marketing strategies and problems comes in it. Gave suitable suggestions and advices for essential changes which are helpful stratigies to running their business after pandemic.

Self Help Groups are innovative, innovative women’s upliftment and welfare organization in India. In India, all women have the chance to become a future entrepreneur and professional employee in any one of the Self help groups for training and growth. The government supports the self help groups as if women would not be enough resourceful to be businessmen in India. When Self help groups provide training to perform some type of work that is suitable for women in India, the banking system must arrange financial support for manufacturing and commercial activities, arrange marketing facilities while the governments procure the product of Self help groups, improve women's leadership capacity and manage management The Self help group is more or less a part of society as a social movement with government support (V.J.R. Emerlson Moses, 2011).

Study about products package- practices and other opportunities added by selected Self Help Group members after CoVID-19 pandemic-
Under study found that most of the selected self help groups are involved in making home made processed products like- Pickle, Potato chips, Chakli, Murabba, Badi , ber powder, aam powder, aam papad, ber papad, badi , muruku, candy etc. some self help groups made products like pen, copy, finail , embroidery, decorative items etc.

Figure- Some Products made by self help groups

Suggestion given them- include making products in present market demands like- mask, sanitizer, handwash etc. and gave training about jam, jelly, ketchup, mushroom production, soap making etc too , adding these products helpful to grow their business.

Fig- Meeting with members of self help groups 

Marketing pattern of various products produces in selected self help groups:-
The marketing pattern of the self help group under study can be depicted as a system in which major amount they directly produce & sale their product to the consumer. Sometimes they sell their products in kisan mela.

Suggestion given them- use social media platform too for selling their products. It is very easy and effective way to grow their market in lockdown. Training also provide for these purpose.

Above study will help to understand the financial status of self help group members, business performance of different self help groups and major constraints in production and marketing of rural women’s. Given suggestion are helpful for grow their business, enlarge their market area etc. Adding products like mask, handwash, soap, finail are demanded products of market in pandemic situation, through selling of these products they convert threat to opportunities. Use of social media platform is most effective way of marketing in lockdown. With the help of these suggestion, training they run their business in pandemic situation.

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