Minakshi Meshram,  Ad hoc Assistant Professor,
 Dept. of Agricultural Extension Pt.KLS, 
CHRS, Rajnandgaon, MGUVV
Harkesh Kumar Balai, Assistant Professor, 
Dept. of Agricultural Economics, 
Jagannath University, Jaipur (Rajasthan)
Mamta Patel, Ad hoc Assistant Professor, 
Dept. of Agricultural Economics, Pt.KLS, CHRS, Rajnandgaon, MGUVV

Name of the farmer is Mr. Sanket Patel from village: Litaipali, District: Raigarh of Chhattisgarh state. He is a 10+2 passed and owns 25 acres of irrigated land. He has his expertise in Paddy, but he also grows and manages other crops such as wheat, groundnut, green gram, and banana e, tc. He is a diverse farmer.

He found motivation in agriculture due to a deep connection with the land, a sense of responsibility, and the fulfillment derived from nurturing others life. The agricultural lifestyle is often ingrained in family traditions, passed down through generations, fostering a strong bond with the soil. The cyclic nature of planting, nurturing, and harvesting offers a unique satisfaction, witnessing the tangible results of their efforts.

Additionally, he plays a crucial role in food production, contributing to the sustenance of communities. Despite the challenges, the agricultural way of life provides a sense of purpose and a connection to nature that may be difficult to replicate in other activities. He basically started growing paddy in a very small area for his basic knowledge and to experience that what challenges the crops are facing. He learned how to manage, grow and produce cereal crops successfully. After few years he practiced it in a larger area in his ancestral land. His smart and timely management helped him to grow his farm.

He grew multiple crops at the same time which decrease the chances of loss and enhance possibility of maximum returns. With time he expanded his farming land from 7 acres to 16 acres then 30 acres gradually. He learned many things by his own and many things by visiting different farms and by sharing experience.

He worked very hard to improve the constraints and barriers that he faced during his learning period.

Current scenario:
He currently owns 25 to 30 acres and living a very good and healthy lifestyle along with his family. He has many advanced technologies such digital drip irrigation system, many advanced machineries such as tractors, advanced pesticide blowers self designed furrow maker and other farming implements. He promotes sustainable agriculture and suggests other to do sustainable farming. Today along with farming he helps and consults others about farming and also promotes small farmers to cultivate difficult crops to grow and help them to defeat barriers that they face. He motivates youth to adopt farming and share his personal experience to other farmers for their practical knowledge. Now, he is moving his business towards transporting facilities such as combiner.