Dr. Harkesh Kumar Balai, Ad hoc Assistant Professor
 COA, Indore, RVSKVV, Gwalior (M.P.)
Dr. Minakshi Meshram, Ad hoc Assistant Professor, 
Pt. SKS CARS, Surgi Rajnandgoan (C.G.)

In a state where individuals guarantee destiny is more significant for progress, the example of overcoming adversity of a Mr. Devnath Vatti from village Mahamala, Tahsil Nagri, District Dhamtari Chhattisgarh is a brilliant illustration of how mechanically and creative development techniques can change the agrarian economy and inspire the existences of millions of farmers.

Mr. Devnath Vatti is fifth passed and his family has 16 members and he has owns 20 acre of irrigated land which he runs as Krishi vatti form. Has 24 years of experience in fisheries. He has received agricultural awards from various places like Horticulture Development Block and socially. He also grows and manages vegetables and guava and rice, maize .

Support and Encouragement:
There is a unique story in the journey of a small fish farming in which a fisheries farmer through his struggles and hard creates a unique fish. In this journey, he never gave up. The help and support of his family made his courage even stronger. His hard work and dedication gave him a success which gives a pleasant experience not only to his family but also to the entire village. Today in his village other farmers are also following his footsteps and taking interest in fish farming. His story has become a source of inspiration which people are adopting to take a new flight in their lives. The success here is the result of his courage and determination and new thinking.

Fish Farming Activities
In the initial phase, he used to work as a Dihadi labour. Then he started paddy farming with his uncle in which he got maximum profit earn. But he had to do something else in which he started fish farming. In one acre he them made several improvements to create the right environment for the fish in his area. Giving nutrition at the right time. Using clean water taking good care improved their husbandry and after few years they practiced it in their fisheries in a larger area. With this time the fisheries increased from 1 acre to 4 acre and then gradually -gradually he acquired 6 acre, he adopted modern technology and took care of proper nutrition and diet system as a result of which his fish farming increased.

A Bigger Business:
Presently he has 20 acre of land and he is living a very good and healthy lifestyle with his family. Presently he is cultivating guava in one acre, maize in 3 acre and rice in 9 acre. He has advanced machinery like tractor plugging furrow equipment, drip irrigation etc. use organic fertilizer and suggest others to use organic fertilizer and also advise the youth to do mixed farming and say that there should be passion in the work to done.

Fish farming has great prospective for explanatory the decreasing landings from capture fisheries arising from climate change, pollution, overexploitation and use of obnoxious fishing methods. Here is solid proof that the fisheries sub-area of agribusiness is encountering significant difficulties and a portion of these difficulties are straightforwardly connected to environmental change. Thusly, the current story of farmer endeavors to explore fish ranchers' impression of environmental change influence on fish farming in Dhamtari Chattisgarh State.